Thursday, April 9, 2015

Whoooooo! Put on the Breaks!!!!

When the first package arrived I kept looking for the second one. When the second one arrived it was so large that it required two people, but my family member handled it. Yes, the sell was that good. I just think it's time to visit the site daily as usual with the mindset that I can look but not leap. Yes, I said, I'm putting on the breaks for a while. My stash is out of control now. Aren't they lovely?

Box 1
This one was small and light with chiffons, burnout, cotton, and wool.

 Box 2
As for this one with the suiting fabrics with four and five yards each of boucle, twill, and crepe that the hubby hasn't seen as of yet, because it's tucked away in a safe place. That was a monster! Why was I being so greedy when I'm buried with enough fabric to get me through the next five years.

All I can say is no more fabric purchases unless it's for embellishment. Now, let's just get to work on some Spring/Summer fashions!



  1. awww it's like Christmas in a box lol! Happy sewing!


    1. Helen, I don't know how I did it, but I was able to get it out of the boxes and tucked away.

  2. Dorothy.
    Oh what fun... Don't you just love ,when that delivery comes...and you get to open up the box, and see the
    beautiful fabrics..touch them.. Just wonderful..
    I laughed when I read what you said about , having enough fabric to get you through 5 years... Me too..... I keep
    telling myself, I was on a fabric STOP BUYING....but---when those sales come, I can't resist..ha
    Have fun sewing.. Look forward to seeing what you will be making with these lovely fabrics..

    1. You're too funny! Every now and then I caught myself and go on what I call a fabric fast for a few months at a time. Yes, it's so nice to feel the fabric since I don't live close enough to fabric stores.


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