Monday, April 27, 2015

Rush to Nowhere!!!!!

Have you ever put in extra hours day-in and day-out to find out you could have taken it slow. Well, that's exactly what happened here. I had this big idea of creating a white jacket for my brother with the event being four days away. On top of that I decided to do the same for my husband. What happened? The weather was bad and hubby had to remain at work.

                                                                                                            Hubby's Jacket

Pattern: Vogue 8719 for both jackets.
Welt pockets were made from Vogue 2383.
V8719 -Unlined jacket A has front darts, patch pockets, inside patch pockets, two-piece lined sleeves with sleeve heads and button trim, notched collar, topstitch trim, front button closure and stitched hems.

                        Inspiration for this jacket. The next one will be just like it with double welts.

Sizes: 34-46

Fabric: White/Black Polyester Poplin can be purchased here.
             White polyester lining

1. Added lining in a complicated way and with a lot of after thought figured out an easier way.
2. Added upper/lower outside welt pockets.
3. added inside upper pockets.

                           V8719                                                                                                                  V2383

                                                                               Brother's Jacket

I already had a brown/black jacket cut out so I quickly sewed it together so he could do a quick fit and determined that he needed a little more room below the armholes. This little number is what got me in trouble. It went together so quickly that I got sucked into this big idea. This is when I had to go back and adjust the pattern.
Increased to size 48 below armholes by adding 3/8" to each side and adding 2 inches to the sleeve length.

Well, as I started putting this one together first (before making my husband's) there were mistakes made which had me using my snip cutter for ripping out the sewn sleeve. Of course, this was before topstitching or inserting them. Well, I took it slow and did what I had to do.

**Note to self and those senior moment young and old sewist

Alright, the jacket is white and seriously need a lining. Dang, it has to look right. I have to add a lining. I can't send a man out in a suit coat looking thin and dinky.

Now, on to the fun. After looking, staring, (and every other word you can think of) at the upper collar and front pieces, I was just confused. Together/ripping! I don't know about you, but this happens to me.
On to the lining; I had to make one, but I'm only going to say, it took trial and error because I had attached the back facing and the front facing sections together at the shoulders as instructed. Duh! Don't do this if you are going to add a lining.
Duh again! Do not cut the front lining by the front facing piece as I did on both jackets. Yes, it was a complicated installation, but turned out neat. Okay, I know you are laughing, but this is what happens when one has limited time and do not have time to let things rest overnight. I know you are giving me the side-eye and I'm still exhausted over the process.

 The lining is pinned to the sleeves and tail of the jacket.

 I am so please with the notched collar results. Just remember to stop and pick up the needle (break) instead of sewing over the seam at the notch.

I had previously thrown away a shoe box filled with shoulder pads that I had been saving. I needed shoulder pads so I had to make them and could kick myself. All of these complications when I thought this was easy. It needs shoulder pads!!!!!!!!!

Shoulder pads were made using these directions from BurdaStyle. You never know where left over fabrics/fibers will be used. For my husband's shoulder pads I used left over batting from a purchased ironing board cover set. This is my favorite (bottom serged pad). It was perfect. I like that it was thick and a totally different feel than batting.

The sleeve heads were completed following this video. I cut a piece of 9X12 felt 10X2 inches, folded it in half making it 10X1 inches.

Inside upper and lower pockets were inserted on hubby's jacket for his items.
I like that this is a quick (wink) unlined jacket. I'll say it's for an opaque fabric. The shape of the upper pocket I do not like. I would use the welts on it all the way. When time permits I'd like to make V8719 with the upper/lower inside/outside pockets from V2383.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Little Shimmer!!

Pattern: M6247 MISSES' JACKET, TOPS, SASH, SKIRT AND PANTS: Unlined jacket A has long sleeves, front button closure; pullover tops B, C have neckband; top B has long sleeves; top C has armhole bands; jacket A, tops B, C have self-fabric sash with O-rings; pull-on skirt D and pants E have elastic waist casing, all have stitched hems; included are Nancy Zieman's time saving tips
Pattern: Tunic McCall's 6398

Fabric: Charcoal/Bronze knit from Fabric Mart
Alterations: Pants removed 1" from each side of leg from knee to hem.

                             Tunic McCall's 6398                                            Pants McCall's 6247
M6398, Misses'/Women's Tunics M6247, Misses' Jacket, Tops, Sash, Skirt And Pants
This is such a fun top that I'm making several. This is the first one.Some are just for casual wear. This one is for a date with the Mr.
As you visit my blog, you'll notice repeats of this top and pants with different variations. Colorful pants using this pattern. Since I've made a couple of tops with this length, I've decided to hem the next tops about 2".


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Relaxed, Fun, and Comfortable!

Pattern: M6247 MISSES' JACKET, TOPS, SASH, SKIRT AND PANTS: Unlined jacket A has long sleeves, front button closure; pullover tops B, C have neckband; top B has long sleeves; top C has armhole bands; jacket A, tops B, C have self-fabric sash with O-rings; pull-on skirt D and pants E have elastic waist casing, all have stitched hems; included are Nancy Zieman's time saving tips

Sizes: 8-22
Fabric: The orange & yellow cotton was thrifted and the polyester stripe was purchased as a table cloth.

Line Drawing

Alterations: They are perfect for me around the tummy. Adjustments must be made to the inner and outer seams by removing 1" from the crouch line to hem. Then I folded 3" from the front waist hem and 1 1/2" for the back. I measure 29 1/2 inches from the inseam for my length.

All of the seams were sewn on the serger. The 1/4 inch hem length and the waist were sewn on the sewing machine. I need many more pairs for the Summer and I have a plan. You'll see them again.

Note: The pattern suggest knits only, but this pattern fits me so it'll be my way.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Whoooooo! Put on the Breaks!!!!

When the first package arrived I kept looking for the second one. When the second one arrived it was so large that it required two people, but my family member handled it. Yes, the sell was that good. I just think it's time to visit the site daily as usual with the mindset that I can look but not leap. Yes, I said, I'm putting on the breaks for a while. My stash is out of control now. Aren't they lovely?

Box 1
This one was small and light with chiffons, burnout, cotton, and wool.

 Box 2
As for this one with the suiting fabrics with four and five yards each of boucle, twill, and crepe that the hubby hasn't seen as of yet, because it's tucked away in a safe place. That was a monster! Why was I being so greedy when I'm buried with enough fabric to get me through the next five years.

All I can say is no more fabric purchases unless it's for embellishment. Now, let's just get to work on some Spring/Summer fashions!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yes, Big 60th!!!!!

Yes, it's my big birthday and I'm excited to be here and able to stand. Plans for today may sound a little different for some, but today I'm scheduled for a hip MRI. After that, to lunch with friends.
This tunic, McCall's 6398 tunic view A is my gift to me just to make me feel special. It's going to be a Happy Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Sizes: 8-24

 Fabric: Black/Soft Red/Multi Floral Burnout Jersey Knit with Black Glitter Beads from Fabric Mart during the clearance for $3.50 per yard. I purchased 2 yards.

 Alterations: Overlapped the yoke front with front and the yoke back with the back to remove the seams. It was made with the front as one piece and the back as one piece. I read a review where this option was mentioned. It makes sense with this multi print fabric. I didn't do my usual sway back decrease of 1" from neck to waist.
I serged all of the pieces together including the sleeves. Then, serged all the edges. After that, I turned the serged edges under and topstitched. This was a very quick process. Another one has already been cut out and ready for the machine.

Also, I've thought of tracing this pattern, cutting at the waist and inserting enough length to drop the flaps to about 3" below the knee to get the flaps at midi length for a dress. Of course, some width may need to be added to the hip width.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Potential Easter Outfit - Big Disappointment!

Pattern: Butterick 5719 View A princess seam jacket with dress

Sizes: 8-24W 
Fabric: Mermaid Blue Cotton/Lycra Pique

I refused to line it after noticing the wrinkles. No additional funds would be put into this outfit. Yes, I had the matching lining on hand.
Notions: 22" blue zipper & blue/white ribbon for inside seams                                                                              

Alterations: Decrease 1" swayback both pieces

Remember, I fell in love with this color and was very excited to make this my Easter outfit. I was so disappointed with the wrinkles that I could not and will not wear it.

I've made pique before and thought it would be better with the lycra.

 This pattern is one of my favorite especially when made in a knit here, 
 Of course, I'll make it again in something interesting. This is the second outfit that I've had to discard after loving the color of the fabric and hating the wrinkles. The other is here.
As for me, no more pique. It's just not for me!