Monday, November 23, 2015

A Evening of Fun!

   Pattern: Simplicity 1805 top that was altered to make a dress.

Fabric: Black Ruffle Stipe Knit from Fabric Mart for a total of $4.80. It's nice to be able to whip up a simple dress for special occasions. It's better to plan ahead, but it works.
I was about 2 hours away from being dressed when I decided to make the purse so I just covered a place mat and a button  to make it quick.

Simplicity Misses and Plus Tops 1805


Monday, November 16, 2015

Multiple Patterns Inspired Jacket

Pattern: Simplicity 2256 Double Lapel Jacket (used bodice back and lower sleeve ruffle pieces for jacket)
Pattern: Simplicity 2474 Front Band Jacket (used front, sleeve, and front band pieces for jacket)
Pattern: McCall's 6247 Elastic Waist Pant

                       This jacket was inspired by a jacket I saw on Pinterest.
This front picture was requested by Tee. I've lost a couple of pounds since making the pants.
 Fabric: Vibrant Citron Poly/Lycra Crepe Knit from Fabric Mart

Pants - alterations remove 2" front, adjust leg width to 8 1/2", and removed 1" at hipline.
Fabric: Taupe Gray Poly Blend Stretch Suiting from Fabric Mart

*Instead of overlapping the elastic, I decided to try a technique of placing the cut pieces of elastic together on a strip of fabric and zigzag it together. This removes the bulk.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day!

I have always thought it was strange that so many of our Veterans have jobs that aren't closed on this day. My Mr. has always worked on this day since he became a civilian. He goes to his job and doesn't request it off, while others sit on the sidelines and enjoy the festivities. I'm sure that some of you know solders who work on this day. We salute you today!

Roll Mauve Pillow Cases!

These are fun to make for gifts. I'll post several at a time in the near future.  There are several directions and videos online.

Have fun!!!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Nothing but Fun! Another White Party!

Pattern: McCall's 6247 pants

Pattern: McCall's 7191 blouse with ruffle back view D
Alterations: Added 2" to length, net for upper back, sleeves, and neckline, and shortened sleeves. Fabric was added for upper back lining. The bust dart was lowered and needs to be decreased another two inches as it's too far into the bust point.
 Fabric: White poly/lycra Techno Knit from Fabric Mart and polyester large fishnet thrifted fabric

   McCall's 7191 view D  same pattern as here

Line Drawing
This was my first time using the Techno knit. It has a sheen and it creases well.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Love the color - "Make it Work"

 Pattern: Butterick 5719 Jacket and dress.

Sizes: 8-24w

Fabric: Coral pink jacquard knit from Fabric Mart.

Alterations: Raised the neckline 2"

The inside of the fabric is rubbery and grabs as you rub your hand across it so I decided to underline the dress with coral thin knit.


The jacket is lined with crème polyester.
*This is one of my favorite patterns because of the comfort of the dress and jacket. When using knits I can wear the dress a little shorter because of the stretch. I no longer need to wear my dresses as long nor do I need to wear a hat when attending church.