Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Holidays!

It's such a wonderful time for spending time with family and friends. I'll have to admit that life has been very different without my computer. I'm really missing posting and viewing your posts on a full screen.
While things are a little different without the computer, I'm doing some sewing for family and friends. A little mending, a couple of skirts for a friend, a 1970's outfit which consists of a pair wide-legged pants and a long top, and making panties.
Speaking of panties; During a discussion with a plus size friend the problem of RTW panties not covering the extra stomach of much larger women came up. So, I've been creating Muslims and the second pair fit.
I'm curious about this issue and would love to hear your thoughts. It really does appear to be a serious problem when one thinks of the discomfort that some have from improper fitting garments. I'll suggest helping your friends and family by using your sewing machine.