Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's All About Drape! Dot,Use the Correct Fabric Please!!!!!

Pattern: Butterick 5928 MISSES' VEST AND JACKET: Fitted, lined vest or jacket has front extending into drape and back collar, shoulder pleats, princess seams, and shaped hemline. Lining shows on hemline.
Dress: Simplicity 2474 from previous post. Yes, dress also has poofing/puffing (air underneath).
                                                         Yes, puffing air beneath my clothes as if I need any extra swelling!
The poofing/puffing is very noticeable around the bust area towards the sleeves. Although I've pressed it, the front bands are not flat. Maybe, I'll go back and do some topstitching and possibly using some spray starch.
Another light bulb just went off; Would things have worked better had I not used the lining at all? What about if I had used a cotton/polyester fabric for the lining? Maybe you know the answer as I do not.
 Sizing: 6-22

The back looks better than the front. The drape is not completely right. Definitely, a jersey knit or ITY would work much better. Sewing was truly created to wart off all signs of Alzheimers as one is continuously trying to figure out the solution to the puzzles of the craft.

The jacket does look like the pattern drawing. Directions were very easy to follow.
Who could not want this pattern? Isn't it beautiful! Wouldn't it be so pretty in sweater knit? Yes, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, next time. Yes, I've got it figured out, by trial and error!
 Line Art

Fabric: 100% polyester purchased for $1 yard at Walmart quite a few years ago. Lining: polyester

It's up in the air as to if I would make this pattern again. If by any chance that I did make it again, it would be made as a sweater in the appropriate fabrics. These are the suggested fabrics:
Designed for medium weight woven fabrics.
FABRICS: Crepes, Wool Blends, Wool Crepe, Gabardine. Contrast D: Satin, Sequined Fabrics. Lining: Lining Fabrics

Fabric on my bed as a duvet with the pillows on the reverse side to stop the competition as some of the pillows have stripes. Okay, it would have been of better use made into a quilt for the bed, but I couldn't enjoy it after two days of starring at it as a test run.
After writing this, I now find it so funny. I'll probably wear the dress as suggested by viewers with a solid jacket. Great suggestion! Thanks for taking time to view and comment.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Pleasant Floral Print Dress

Pattern Description: Simplicity 2474  Threads Collection Misses' and Plus Size dress or top, pants, jacket, scarf and knit cardigan
 Sizes: 10-28W
It did not look like the photo in that 5" was to the length and after trying it on during fitting, I removed 1 1/2" from each side below the bust tapering it to a slimmer fit at the hem. The front of the dress was cut on the fold to remove the front seam.

Fabric Used: Lined look polyester purchased from Walmart about eight years ago.
Polyester lining from Vogue Fabrics online
It would be good for me to remake this dress in another type of fabric that can't be distorted. This has some poof (it's as if the air is flowing around underneath). A nice crepe or cotton would be nice. The dress has too much extra fabric for my taste. Although it might be what my body type needs, it was very unattractive.
The green in this fabric is the exact color of my bedroom walls and the first thing I did was place it on my bed as an overlay and surprisingly my husband liked it. I left it there for a couple of days and one day he came home and saw me sewing it and asked why? Now, I do regret cutting it as I'm not pleased with it.
A matching Jacket is on it's way and I wonder if I'll be satisfied as this fabric does not lay flat. It reminds me of my silk organza pressing cloth.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Me Modeling a Jumpsuit

Pattern: McCall's 6760 MISSES' DRESS AND JUMPSUIT: Lined dress or wide-legged jumpsuit has drawstring on shoulders, semi-fitted, gathered bodice overlapping slightly to side back (no side seams), midriff, side pockets, invisible back zipper and narrow hem.
Sizes: 6-24

Fabric: ITY Knit
 Adjustments: Decreased the front of pants inseam by 3 inches which means that this jumpsuit is made to accommodate those with a very large stomach.

***I had the invisible zipper ready to insert and decided to use the 20" overlapping zipper. Don't do it because with the V you'll need the invisible zipper or insert the regular zipper without overlapping it.

Raised the neckline by 4"
 This is my first twist out with my natural hair. As you can see the length is not at the top of the zipper as it was before going natural.
 Below, I'm trying to show off my matching sandals.
This is a very easy and fun pattern. When I was pulling the pattern, I had no idea there was a jumpsuit included. I only saw the dress online. Notice the difference in the back bodice of the dress and the jumpsuit. Line Art

Friday, June 13, 2014

Finished June Outfit

Butterick 5719 Misses/Women's Jacket & Dress
Loose-fitting jacket with fitted dress through hips. Choices of C/D, DD, DDD cup sizes.
            Fabric: Acetate/Lycra Slinky Crepe Knit from Fabric Mart
                        Black crepe used as facings

            Alterations: Added 5 inches to dress length
                                No zipper in dress
                                Shortened neck to waist by 1"

            Sizes: 8-24W

 Line Art
Reflections: This is a wonderful pattern. The slinky fabric makes it  a very comfortable outfit. Looking at the pictures, I need to lower the last button a little.  Instead of the white accessories, I wore a grey hat, purse, shoes, and the same jewelry.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Young and Serious!

The front of Julia's Van Gogh-inspired dress. Photo courtesy Julia Reidhead/

This High Schooler Turned Her Prom Dress Into a Work of Art

The front of Julia's Van Gogh-inspired dress. Photo courtesy Julia Reidhead/ many high schoolers, 18-year-old Julia Reidhead knew that she wanted something special to wear to prom. But after trying on tons of dresses and not finding one that was "her," the artistically minded teen from Mesa, Arizona, came up with an unorthodox plan: She would make her own. She and her mother purchased a used wedding dress for $40, and then Julia painted her own version of one of her favorite pieces of art  Van Gogh's "Starry Night"  over the fabric, creating a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind dress.
"I had painted on other stuff before, like shoes, but that made me confident that I could paint on a dress," Reidhead tells Yahoo Shine. She sketched a design on the dress in pencil, then tested her acrylic paints on an extra swatch of fabric to make sure they would work.
The overall process of painting the dress took more than 40 hours spread out over one week, and Reidhead was still drying the gown with a blow-dryer five minutes before her date came to pick her up for the dance.
The back of the dress, which was designed to mirror the front. Photo courtesy Julia Reidhead/KTAR.comThe back of the dress, which was designed to mirror the front. Photo courtesy Julia Reidhead/KTAR.comOnce Reidhead arrived at the dance, all eyes were on her. "People made me stop  they wanted to take pictures, they said they were going to put it on Pinterest and Instagram," she says. In fact, she got so many inquiries about how she'd made the dress that, by the end of the night, her date, fellow senior Alden Durfee, could repeat Reidhead's story right along with her. She is now getting requests from others to make painted skirts and ties, and someone is helping her set up an Etsy store so that she can sell some of her pieces.
For Reidhead, who will be entering a graphic design program at Utah Valley University but is considering making a switch to art school, the act of painting her dress was its own reward. She is also planning to enter her masterpiece in a contest focused on art made from recycled objects, and make it part of her application to art school. And now, thanks to all of the people who want to purchase her work, she won't have any trouble paying the tuition.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Yes, I Did the Expected!

M6760 was purchased for the dress, but I was thrilled and excited to see the jumpsuit. I can't wait to see how it will fit.
I've been looking at the wide leg pants and decided to go for it. Of course, I need the jackets to improve on my Sunday suits and the blouse is like one which my husband purchased for me so I decided to give it a try.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Black & White

Pinterest: Tsumori Chisato / Asymmetric Striped Dress | La Garçonne
I fell in love with this dress and the style. After seeing it on so many models in solids and different fabric variations.
 Tsumori Chisato / Asymmetric Striped Dress | La Garçonne
Pattern: Butterick 5848 Very loose-fitting, pullover top or dress has yoke variations, side front/side back seams, no side seams, front overlapped sleeves, and narrow hem.
Sizes: 4-26
Fabric: Jersey knit as a bonus included with purchased fabric.
Alterations: Stitched down the overlapping sleeves to decrease the opening to 17 inches due to being able to see all the way down. You understand!
It's a very quick and easy pattern. If you choose the correct fabric, you'll get a nice drape like on the pattern. I'm happy with the draping.