Monday, April 27, 2015

Rush to Nowhere!!!!!

Have you ever put in extra hours day-in and day-out to find out you could have taken it slow. Well, that's exactly what happened here. I had this big idea of creating a white jacket for my brother with the event being four days away. On top of that I decided to do the same for my husband. What happened? The weather was bad and hubby had to remain at work.

                                                                                                            Hubby's Jacket

Pattern: Vogue 8719 for both jackets.
Welt pockets were made from Vogue 2383.
V8719 -Unlined jacket A has front darts, patch pockets, inside patch pockets, two-piece lined sleeves with sleeve heads and button trim, notched collar, topstitch trim, front button closure and stitched hems.

                        Inspiration for this jacket. The next one will be just like it with double welts.

Sizes: 34-46

Fabric: White/Black Polyester Poplin can be purchased here.
             White polyester lining

1. Added lining in a complicated way and with a lot of after thought figured out an easier way.
2. Added upper/lower outside welt pockets.
3. added inside upper pockets.

                           V8719                                                                                                                  V2383

                                                                               Brother's Jacket

I already had a brown/black jacket cut out so I quickly sewed it together so he could do a quick fit and determined that he needed a little more room below the armholes. This little number is what got me in trouble. It went together so quickly that I got sucked into this big idea. This is when I had to go back and adjust the pattern.
Increased to size 48 below armholes by adding 3/8" to each side and adding 2 inches to the sleeve length.

Well, as I started putting this one together first (before making my husband's) there were mistakes made which had me using my snip cutter for ripping out the sewn sleeve. Of course, this was before topstitching or inserting them. Well, I took it slow and did what I had to do.

**Note to self and those senior moment young and old sewist

Alright, the jacket is white and seriously need a lining. Dang, it has to look right. I have to add a lining. I can't send a man out in a suit coat looking thin and dinky.

Now, on to the fun. After looking, staring, (and every other word you can think of) at the upper collar and front pieces, I was just confused. Together/ripping! I don't know about you, but this happens to me.
On to the lining; I had to make one, but I'm only going to say, it took trial and error because I had attached the back facing and the front facing sections together at the shoulders as instructed. Duh! Don't do this if you are going to add a lining.
Duh again! Do not cut the front lining by the front facing piece as I did on both jackets. Yes, it was a complicated installation, but turned out neat. Okay, I know you are laughing, but this is what happens when one has limited time and do not have time to let things rest overnight. I know you are giving me the side-eye and I'm still exhausted over the process.

 The lining is pinned to the sleeves and tail of the jacket.

 I am so please with the notched collar results. Just remember to stop and pick up the needle (break) instead of sewing over the seam at the notch.

I had previously thrown away a shoe box filled with shoulder pads that I had been saving. I needed shoulder pads so I had to make them and could kick myself. All of these complications when I thought this was easy. It needs shoulder pads!!!!!!!!!

Shoulder pads were made using these directions from BurdaStyle. You never know where left over fabrics/fibers will be used. For my husband's shoulder pads I used left over batting from a purchased ironing board cover set. This is my favorite (bottom serged pad). It was perfect. I like that it was thick and a totally different feel than batting.

The sleeve heads were completed following this video. I cut a piece of 9X12 felt 10X2 inches, folded it in half making it 10X1 inches.

Inside upper and lower pockets were inserted on hubby's jacket for his items.
I like that this is a quick (wink) unlined jacket. I'll say it's for an opaque fabric. The shape of the upper pocket I do not like. I would use the welts on it all the way. When time permits I'd like to make V8719 with the upper/lower inside/outside pockets from V2383.


  1. Yes, it is never a good idea to rush sewing, especially during the tricky bits, and even more so if the pattern and technique are new. But we all do this :). I'm glad things turned out nicely, and the jackets are certainly smart.

    1. Sarah, it was simple, but I was having moments of confusion. I've made shirts in years past. There wasn't a new technique introduced. Actually, I was in pain and had received a hip injection, and tired from continuously working on these. I couldn't be more pleased at how neat they turned out.

  2. Wow.. what an undertaking , in that short period of time..I so admire you.. Looks great.. even through the troubles, you made it..[this old lady would have put it in the box of forgettfulness.ha]. Congrats on a nice jacket..

    1. Judy, I definitely felt like an old lady. Thanks for the comment.


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