Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Favorite Jacket!


The fabric is satin/brocade polyester with a taupe polyester lining from Fabric Mart. Piping and covered button were made from the same fabric. The dress is my new favorite dress Butterick 5147 lengethened and  with an added kick peat. Alterations include one inch shortened waist which is such a treat for a full busted woman.

 Orange double knit from Vogue Fabrics adorns this outfit with a beautiful polyester multi-colored lining fabric from Fabric Mart. The black pipping and black button were purchased from Walmart.



  1. What beautiful fabric.. Great outfit.. Do you sew a lot for your self? I have been sewing for 40 yrs.. But mainly for my daughter [when she was growing up] and now my 4 granddaughters.. I have just started sewing for me.. and sewing for and "old" woman is more difficult to fit.lol
    I am really enjoying your blog..So proud I found it. I had joined Faye's essential top challenge.. So happy I did.

  2. I still sew for myself and my daughter who is a professor. I don't have many problems fitting myself. Usually, I have to shorten the waist by 1" for the both of us, unless I decide to use a pattern that's not in my size. I've been ill so I've gained about 25 pounds, but with that being said, I still don't have to alter my patterns except for the waist length.
    Both of these outfits were made last Summer and I can tell the difference. I really hope I can lose a few pounds before I have to make some serious adjustments.


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