Saturday, April 6, 2013

What Are You Dreaming About?

This Peter Pilotto dress from has my creative juices on the move. It comes with a price tag of $2635. The fabric is one of his designs so I will have to search high and low in order to make it my own. If you'll take a close look at this dress you'll realize that it incluses all of the colors that are trending for 2013. What a challenge this will be. They couldn't have selected a more beautiful model for this dress and the shoes are gorgeous.                                                                


These are some of his other creations:


$1740 for the top and $1510 for the skirt

                                                             $1430 for the blouse

$3375 for the skirt


  1. I believe you can do it Dot!I have my eye on a refashion outfit that I have pinned on Pinterest, we can do this! lol! Happy creating & sewing to you!

  2. Love that dress.. But , don't like that price tag.ha
    The model is beautiful and the dress is perfect on her..

    1. Yes, the outfit will be different and the model will bring a little flavor in comparison to this sweet young lady.

  3. Guess that wasn't a misprint with the price tag at all!!! This dress looks so stylish and just perfect. I think you have picked a winner with this, and just know you can do it ... J

  4. J, I bet there are a lot of people who wish that price was a misprint.

  5. Hi Dorothy Dot - I think with all sorts of different fabrics you will manage to pull something off. And yours will be a true original - absolutely priceless!

  6. These are some very intriguing dresses! I especially love the first one.

  7. This one is comsuming my every day thoughts.

  8. I like the first ones too and I know you look fab in black and white prints. These designs are a great creative start.

  9. Consuming the correct word in my April 8th reply.


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