Monday, April 8, 2013

Beautiful Blog Award!

Hello Everyone,
I was nominated for a blog award by SarahLiz at .
Thank you Sarah for nominating me for this award.
The rules of the awards are as follows:    
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Add The One Lovely Blog Award/Very bold letters Inspiring Blogger Award to your post.
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1. I live in the country (what we call outside of the city limits.  Of course one must have a rocking chair on the front porch. The picture below is looking off the back deck and into the acreage behing my property.


2. If you live in the country one must have pets to spook off any unwanted creatures (snakes) as many as possible. The puppy is Sheltie and the kitty is Cutie. We love them so much.
 3. Sewing spaces come in all sizes. This is where I sit and complete my work. This area is the front part of my bedroom. It is part of a 12' x12' sitting area. I use this side in front of the window. Under the window is a keyboard and next to it is a shelving unit which houses sewing magazines and baskets with fabric/patterns. Standing next to this is the cutting board and ironing board.

4. A 3-ring binder is used to store my pattern envelopes. The binder is housed on the shelf next to the keyboard.

5. This wonderful file cabinet is used for storing my pattern and stash. It is located in the garage. This is how I store my patterns. They are in freezer bags with the numbers visible and in numerical order.

 6. This is the National machine that I use to complete most of my items. This is my serger which a friend got at a yard sale.

7. This is Ms Sally who I gave my daughter's nick name. She's a big help when sewing.
Thanks for accepting the awards:



  1. Love the rocking chair... just need a sunny evening now. ;)

  2. Hi Dorothy - you live in a very beautiful place indeed - and the cats are a good idea. I think we are all going to want to sit in that rocking chair :)

  3. Thank you for the nomination of the One Lovely Blog Award. I will compile with the rules :-)

  4. Congratulations on receiving such a wonderful award! Having recently found your blog through our wardrobe challenge, I am excited to see and read about more of your creations. Thank you very much for nominating me as well! I am humbled and grateful for your thinking of me. =)

  5. I envy you that rocking chair and the beautiful yard. Oh, I bet it is just great to read and sip tea or lemonade on that porch! (My next house will definitely have a nice sitting area).

  6. Hi Dot. How thoughtful of you to nominate me... Yes I accept! Love the views of your peaceful looking...and what's life without a rocking chair! Thanks again and congrats on your beautiful blogger award.

  7. Thanks for the comments and to all of you who accept the blogger awards.

  8. Hello Dorothy, love, love, love, your peaceful property! Thanks so much for the beautiful nomination!

  9. Thanks for nominating me Dot! I will accept your Nomination. I've recently discovered the amazing online sewing community and I can't wait to connect with as many of you as possible. Thanks again.
    Farrah @

  10. Thank you for nominating me Dot.. I really appreciate it. I will get it posted soon.
    I really enjoyed your 7 answers. .And what a beautiful place you live.. Love how you organized your patterns.. The file cabinet ,is such a smart idea.. Again, thank you so much.

  11. Thanks for the nomination, I really love you blog you've just gained a new follower. Thanks again!


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