Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Familiar Dress!

After reading about the Great British Sewing Bee on several blogs, I decided to go to and veiw it for myself. I was hooked from the jumpstart! Now, I'm waiting for Episode 4, which is the finals.

The show is a little different from Project Runway in that there are times when the contestants are using patterns, converting the same ready to wear outfit to his/her own designs, and it's just interesting to see the details as they are being completed and be able to listen to the judges' observations as they observe the work in progress.

 First of all, that blue dress that judge May Martin was wearing caught my attention right away. It is a lower neckline design of the white suit and the red dress that I made from Butterick 5396.

These are the contestants along with the judges.

               Then, I spotted her again wearing this version of the same design.

These are the judges. May Martin has taught sewing for 40 years and Patrick Grant is a designer who owns a very successful tailoring shop.

I could watch this show on a daily basis. If you get a chance to see it you'll probably enjoy it (just because you sew). A few minutes ago, I finished watching the final episode and I'm very pleased with the winner.


  1. Such a lovely programme.... We could all do with some more of the same. And wasn't Ann just such a lovely gracious winner... delightful.

    1. Sally, I thought she was adorable and her techniques were awesome.

  2. HI Dorothy, I have been watching the British Sewing bee too.. I love it!!! I haven't see the final show, but saw at the end of your post, that they have already posted it too you tube. So, I can't wait to watch it.. I just wish it was
    'more than 4 shows..
    It is amazing that the judge is wearing the same pattern that you have done.neat!!!
    Have a great day.

    1. Her colors were so vibrant. It would be nice to much more of the same type of show.

  3. oh my goodness Dot! what have you done to us! lol! I love that!

  4. Helen, I guess if we could see this on a daily basis, we wouldn't get much sewing completed.


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