Friday, May 31, 2013

"How Much Fabric" Winner!

As a winner of these reference cards, I agreed to post them on my site and do a review. First, I'd like to thank Nothy Lane at for selecting me as a winner of these wonderful cards.

You may purchase these cards from Gwyn at

These reference cards are great when shopping without your patterns. You're able to puchase the needed amount of fabric and not spend extra money, or have left over remnants. Keep these cards on your key ring or tucked away in your purse. If you're like me, tucked away with those swatches for emblishment purchases and lists of needed sewing purchases.


  1. I am so glad you love these cards! I went to a quilting lesson/pizza night recently and I showed them to the class. It was amazing! The ladies were so excited to find something so necessary and so simple! We all have to spread the word on this great sewing tool. Congratulations on winning!

  2. I can't thank you and Gwyn enough for these unique cards!


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