Friday, February 12, 2016

Fun Quilt/Lesson Learned!

This is a new hobby that has been keeping me from a lot of sewing clothing for myself. I'll also share some of the other fun projects that's taking a lot of time.

The fabric came with the front and back of the kittens. I decided to take the back and use it for my squares. I'd never used Heat n Bond before and used the wrong one. I used Ultra when I should have used Lite. Therefore the cats are stiff. I was making this for a baby quilt, but I think it would make a better wall hanging.


  1. Very nice design. You always learn as you go! Beautiful work.

  2. If you wash it a couple of times, it might soften up. So cute :)

  3. It will still make a cute wallhanging for a child, so all is not lost. And there is an opportunity to make another now...


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