Monday, September 8, 2014

Finally Pictures of White Pencil Skirt/Jacket

Buttterick 4747 white poplin pencil skirt & OOP McCall's 8021 Jacket
 I finally wore both pieces and the skirt is a little shorter than I'd like for sitting on the front seat.
 Both pieces are fully lined.
 The skirt still has the folds as the picture with the dress with the tucks. That's because I don't like close fitting skirts/dresses. Below the front fits perfectly and the tighter the fit the shorter it is when in a seated position.
I didn't make the lined lace tank, but considering adding a thicker lining as it's thin at the mid section.


  1. Beautiful, I love me some white!!!

  2. Love that outfit--the lace tank gives it a glam look.

  3. That is such a pretty outfit. I think any longer and it would look dowdy - so I think this is the right length, even at risk of being a tiny bit short when sitting.

  4. Pretty white outfit, Dorothy. I really love your lace tank :)

  5. I second Sarah Liz' comment. I think the length is perfect, though you have to go with what brings you comfort. Well done.


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