Thursday, January 23, 2014

Houndstooth and Leather

Misses' Easy to Sew Skirts

Simplicity 2257 is a late post. The skirt is made of satin houndstooth, trimmed in leather, and lined with black lame.  This was my first time working with leather and it was smooth sailing. Of course, I watched a few online videos about sewing leather before attempting this job.

Although the leather is a heavier weight than the satin, I just couldn't resist the urge to use it instead of all of the other lightweight fabrics around me. It actually makes the skirt hang nicely. Alright, alright, I know that a houndstooth in a ponte knit or some other fabric of equal weight would have been a better choice with the leather, but sometimes I break the rules. Do you ever break rules when crafting?

She wanted the skirt in this fabric. If I were on our national sewing show, I would have been reprimanded as the designer for  doing what was requested instead of following the rules. Well, I did line it for stability.

Check out the direction of the designs on this waistband. They are headed North instead of South. It was the first thing I noticed. I think it is a little too long for a younger lady, but it'll look nice with those 4" heels.

As for alterations, I did adjust the waist, hips, and length, but failed to record the inches. How will that help me if I make it again for her and what good was it to record that I adjusted the waist, hips, and length? Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Yes, I make mistakes, but I keep pressing forward.

It's a pretty simple pattern that's pretty fun to make. I would recommend it. I really want the longer version for myself.


  1. Love it! I was just fawning over some houndstooth fabric. I might have to pick up now :)

    The leather and satin work well together!

  2. Thanks! Get a heavier weight if you can.

  3. I love houndstooth! So cute! And I'm like you - I make adjustments and forget all the time to record them - ooops!

  4. Sewing does keep one thinking and boy is there a lot to think about!

  5. Love the skirt and the leather is so pretty with the houndstooth.
    Yep, I break the rules , all the time..ha

  6. Are there rules? This skirt is beautiful Dorothy - the leather looks fantastic. I think the longer length will work with the high heels - and there is a trend to longer lengths.


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