Monday, July 1, 2013

Slim Skirt

McCall's 7109 printed in 1994 is a slim skirt with soft front pleats, back zipper, and a kick pleat. Due to a mistake that I made while trying to match the print, the kick pleat ended up being a open pleat. Sizes range from sizes 8-24.

Fabric was purchased at JoAnn Fabric on the red tag table. It has a moleskin feel with spandex. Matching the prints was a little challenging, but it turned out very nice.
It was made for a family member and she said, "It is a perfect fit."



  1. What beautiful fabric.. I haven't tried to upload a photo recently.. Wish I could have helped, sorry. Happy sewing.

  2. I had trouble yesterday with a few details, and photos on a blog post. Sunspots?? That is nice fabric, and I'll bet the print was difficult to work with.

  3. Mary, to make it easier, I probably could have pinned the sides to the front and cut it in one piece vertically. Then I would have had one seam down the back.


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