Thursday, March 21, 2013

Summer Coordinates

Butterick 5190 is a super easy coordinates pattern that I've used for a few years. I needed a couple of jackets for my last weekend's trip to the deep South. The orange and royal blue fabrics were purchased from Vogue Fabrics last year. A few years ago I made this jacket at waist length which is exactly as it is on the pattern and wore them with long tank tops. I thought they were cute worn that way for my age/figure.

For these jackets additional length was added to each of the jackets so that they stopped at the hipline. In order to add an inch wide band to the orange jacket I cut a 2 1/2" strip of fabric that measures the length from the bottom of the top around the neck to the bottom of the opposite side. The strip was folded with the wrong sides together and pressed. Then the right side was pinned to the right side around the front of the jacket and stitched. Serge or ziz-zag the seam allowance.

                                                                        Front View

Back View
Here I am wearing my new trendy knit maxi dress with my jacket. A different look for me is the long brown aztec design earrings. I know I said that I was glad to complete stash-busting my trendy knit fabrics because it was something different for me and I wasn't a fan. Well, I have a different respect for this fabric after wearing this dress and one of the tops on my weekend trip/vacation. I love it! I had to iron it, but now that I am not on the clock it works. I carried one of the tops on a hanger and didn't have to press it.
This jacket's band measures 2 inches wide. The band strip was cut to measure 4 1/2 inches wide and completed using the instructions for the orange jacket above.
Yes, this is the same print as the maxi dress. I decided that I could make a top that would match my tan and brown pants. I could use the orange jacket to complete an outfit. Hanging in the closet is a brown and a tan button-up shirt that could be worn as jackets.
The black strip is a piece of interfacing that was pressed onto the wrong side of the neckline and the armholes of the top. Then the fabric was turned and pressed before the hem stitching. I don't know if it is worth it, but the idea behind it was to insert the interfacing to reduce stretching. It makes me feel as if I took some extra effort on this effortless top.

                                                       Ms Sally wearing my top.

Believe it or not, I fell in love with this what I call Aztec print when I saw it on Fabric Mart, but I started feeling as if it was a bit too much after looking at about four yards of it. I'm confessing that I really do love it and it work well with my pieces.


  1. love the jackets! and the dress looks postively stunning on you!

  2. Dorothy, the print is beautiful going down the length of the dress, and you can wear brighter colours nicely. For holidays, just the right sort of dress. Like you, I have not made up many knit garments, but they certainly can work well, as you have shown.

  3. Thanks, I'm getting ready for the last challenge of the "mix it up March "

  4. I just died over the print of this maxi dress. Incredible! Beautiful shade of orange on you!

  5. Thanks Kiah! It is hard for me not to comment on everything that you wear.


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